Adult Club Cape Town

EPICURE is an alternative lifestyle venue unlike any other - a discrete escort friendly boutique hotel, which combines the best elements of adult entertainment, sensual massage, erotic massage, a gentlemen club, a sex club, and a swingers club. We call this synthesis an adult playground. EPICURE is an exclusive safe space where you can live out your fantasy and have your discrete adventure. No limits. No questions asked. No regrets. No shame.

EPICURE is not a brothel, strip club or revue bar. We do not offer a lap dance. Think Hedonism instead.




HAPPY FRIDAY PARTY | January 14, 2022.


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Gentlemen Club Cape Town

Adult Entertainment With Class

You work hard. We believe you are entitled to play hard!

Come enjoy yourself. Have fun with the opposite sex. Entertain your clients and business partners with class and style at the most elegant and discrete adult club in Cape Town. Adult entertainment and alternative lifestyle are combined like nowhere else in the Western Cape. Party and play with those like you.

The Definition Of EPICURE


"A person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living".



Gentlemen Club Or Not?

EPICURE is a discrete private club, which plays by its own rules. We host vanilla and non-vanilla events for consenting adults. Join us and feel free to be uninhibited. Express yourself. Indulge in fantasy, kink, pleasure and club sex, which open-to-the-public bars and restaurants prohibit.

Chill and interact with other singles, heterosexual couples and swingers. Request a suite and take your experience to another level. Exciting sex at a party is what you desire? Club sex may be the answer. Fetish like voyeurism or exhibitionism may be experienced in our safe space.

The EPICURE Club provides a classy adult playground, where you can take your playmate. Or come by yourself and find a playmate. In either case, you will find exclusive style, classy adult entertainment and superior service.

If you expect something else, take a look at alternative gentlemen clubs near me and you.

Sex Dates

Many of us love a casual hookup. Why endure the walk of shame out of a hotel which does not cater to the alternative lifestyle?

EPICURE welcomes you to bring your partner, your secretary, your friend with benefits or Tinder date to play. Pay admission and play. Book a suite, stay as long as you like and conclude your date in style with a luxurious breakfast next morning. Consider EPICURE an escort friendly hotel. Leave with a smile, instead of the walk of shame!

Sex Club

Sex clubs are a dime a dozen. Nearly every city has a sex club, but you probably won't want to have a sex party in many of them. EPICURE is different, as we have a prime location with stunning views. Our rooms are tastefully decorated like a boutique hotel, and do not exude the "charme" of your common massage studio, sex club, brothel or swinger club. We love sensuality, elegance and beauty. We therefore cater to all kind of deviant heterosexual behavior. Our sex party cape town events are a great way to make new friends and spend an enjoyable evening in the company of like-minded people.

EPICURE provides the ultimate adult entertainment Cape Town.

Escort And Luxury Companion

EPICURE has a different philosophy than other adult clubs. You are welcome to bring your independent or private escort to play. Or bring an escort girl or sex escort from your favorite escort agency to party here.

We cooperate with an escort network. SOUTH AFRICA ESCORT frequently provides escorts for our guests. BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE is happy to arrange a VIP escort. Other escort agencies, their escorts, independent escort and male escort for women are welcome to play at the club. If you are an escort agent, get in touch with us at

Join us at an escort party. Enjoy tasteful entertainment, provided by the team of Escorts Cape Town and other local escort agencies. Create lasting memories!

Sensual Massage And Erotic Massage

The EPICURE Club offers sensual massage and erotic massage for women, for men and for couples. The massage therapists provide sensual nude massage, tantric massage and nuru massage. We are excited to realize your fantasy and spoil you with an adult massage.

Swingers Club

Many people are curious about swingers lifestyles and swingers clubs in particular. At our Swingers Club Cape Town you are welcome to try the swingers lifestyle without pressure, in a safe, luxurious environment. Our swingers club welcomes all SA swingers - couples, single females and single men.

The EPICURE Club hosts

  • Meet & Greet events, which are personal introductions over lunch, dinner or just a drink.
  • We host a regular daytime swingers sex party, where you can have sex at a party.
  • We host a high class swinger party, which is open to experienced swingers couples and first time swingers alike.


Swingers Party

Swingers Cape Town have a new playground. EPICURE is the coolest location for Cape Town swingers. Single members of the alternative lifestyle are welcome at most of our events. We curate or limit the quantity of single men at a swingers party to ensure the female-to-male ratio remains comfortable and attractive for our ladies. Once you have been to the EPICURE, you will understand why we are the premier Cape Town swingers club.

Bachelor Parties And Bachelorette Parties

The EPICURE Club is your destination when you desire more than a lap dance. We host the wildest bachelor party in Cape Town - bar none. No Limits. There is really nothing more to say.

We also host events for the ladies. If you and the girls want to have more fun than running down Long Street looking like an idiot, you should contact our team for bachelorette party ideas. This night should be special for the bride - and her bridesmaids and friends. EPICURE will make it happen.

Fantasy And Fetish

We all have fantasy and our fantasies. At least we hope you do...
Maybe some fantasies should just stay that - a fantasy. Other fantasies should definitely be experienced and lived out. Come and create your experience and memories at our discrete private club. Contact us to discuss your ideas and wishes.

The EPICURE Club is an adult playground, a sex club but not a dedicated BDSM dungeon (this could change with enough demand). Nonetheless, you are welcome to live out your fetish here. We are also happy to host your BDSM event.

Our creative team will be happy to discuss your ideas and let you know what we can arrange for you.


What happens at EPICURE, stays at EPICURE.

  • We have a strictly enforced no-photo policy.
  • We do not have security cameras.

Discreetness and confidentiality are guaranteed.


We have a dedicated security service which ensures the safety of all guests at any of our events. Party and play with peace of mind.

More Information

EPICURE is part of an adult dating and escort network. If you are looking for more than a strip club, give our gentlemen club and adult playground a try. Send us an email to or call us at +27 (74) 878 0000‬ for more information. Event Announcements can be found in our Blog.