EPICURE Is A Members Only Club

The Club was created as an exclusive, discrete meeting point for lifestyle connoisseurs, in particular members of the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE.

The Girlfriend Experience is not for everyone. To be more precise, the Girlfriend Experience is a lifestyle choice for the select few. A dedicated club is the solution for those who want to entertain friends or business associates or simply have fun in a discreet environment.


EPICURE is owned by BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. Please take a look at bestgirlfriendexperience.com/gfe-membership for more information.


Guests are welcome, but require a Guest Membership. A time-limited Guest Membership provides many benefits of membership and allows one to learn about the BEST GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. Please take a look at bestgirlfriendexperience.com/guest-membership to purchase a guest membership.

Join EPICURE and let your adventures begin!