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Tinder makes me feel sick, men are a headache, and working out as a female if a woman is flirting with you or just being platonically sweet is an age-old challenge. It’s hard enough to decide if someone likes one of you, let alone two.</p> <p>Even despite being one half of a non-monogamous, group-sex-loving couple, I don’t have the answers — but I do have examples of three ways we’ve found threeways and more.</p> <h2>Sleeping with your friends</h2> <p>Yeah, it’s not the usually recommended suggestion for picking up — in fact, it’s generally frowned upon. But meeting people as a couple is usually either a turn-off or at first glance taken as off-limits. Weaving in that you’re open can either be a little forward or takes a while to get to. Of course, if it comes out naturally to a new person that you’re a pair of saucy devils raring to take them to bed, that is excellent luck (or some well-planned lines) and good on you if it works. But otherwise, who best knows your juicy secrets and rakish efforts to get others into bed? That’s right, your mates! And if they’re into it (and you) too? You’ve got yourself a wonderful night with someone you already trust and know you’ll get to have a good giggle with.</p> <p>Effort factor: An easy 2/5, depending on the openness of your friends and how you’ve laid it down previously.</p> <p>Immediacy factor: A more long-term 4/5, seeing as you’ve got to have friends who know it all first.</p> <p>Fun factor: A fantastic 5/5 — it’s the new way to spend some true quality time with your best mates.</p> <h2>Charming someone over a bottle of wine around the campfire with your fingers crossed</h2> <p>A more hit-and-miss approach, you’ll have to be really lucky (or good looking) to score this way. We were lucky, in that we got chatting to someone as horny and naughty as us by pure chance. This has worked for me twice; potentially the crowds I mingle in are more thirsty than usual. The great outdoors — it’s as inspiring as it is boring, an absolutely stellar combination when it comes to having sex with strangers to pass the evening.</p> <p>Effort factor: A slightly tougher 3/5. We’ve found it’s helpful to make time to flirt individually to your potential squeeze, so they know there’s the chance to have it on with both of you, not that they’re about to ruin a relationship. It majorly helps if you can squeeze in that you’ve had casual group sex before. As previously mentioned, harder to make sound natural than other conversational tit-bits, but the wine should help with that. Make sure you put your tent up before you gather around the campfire for a more seamless to-bed transition.</p> <p>Immediacy factor: A tempting 2/5 — if you meet the right person and you guide the conversation well, you could be in for fun under the stars before the night is out.</p> <p>Fun factor: 5/5. You know what they say about sex whilst camping: it’s fucking intense.</p> <h2>Going to a sex party</h2> <p>Obviously, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get laid, but the odds are rather more in your favour. Have a chat, have a flirt, make some friends. Watch some other people getting banged so fast and so hard it makes your eyes water. Say, would you guys like to possibly maybe come to a private room with us? Be respectful. Exchange numbers. Meet up monthly outside of the club for games and foursomes nights.</p> <p>Effort factor: If you’re a naturally friendly, open-minded person or couple, this will be a 1/5 for you. Plus you’ve made friends! It’s a big-time win.</p> <p>Immediacy factor: Potentially the quickest way to witness group sex that doesn’t involve going online: an excellent 1/5. Does cost you the club entry fee though.</p> <p>Fun factor: Slightly more daunting and with a bit less mystery than other options, this one’s a 4/5. However, everyone knows the more sex you have with someone the better it gets! This way you’ve potential 5/5 group fun on the horizon for as many times as you’d like to meet again.</p> <h3>Credit</h3> <p>This article was written by <strong><a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Boatworm</a></strong> and originally published at <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a></p> <p> </p> <h4>Have you been lucky in (group) sex? How did it happen? 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