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Swingers Club Cape Town Choices

Swingers Club Cape Town is obviously singular, when you would expect a plural phrase. We are being a bit tongue in cheek - because Cape Town does not offer a lot of choice to a swinger. In general, there are numerous established swingers club in South Africa, but Cape Town seems to be different. In spite of the many foreign visitors, society in Cape Town appears to be more conservative than society in Gauteng.

Swinging is popular in Cape Town, but it is less social than elsewhere. Why do we come to this conclusion? Simple. Most swinger events in Cape Town take place in private homes.

Swingers Clubs

Cape Town offer the following choices:

  • Liza's Lounge Club
  • EPICURE Club


Liza's Lounge Club

Liza's Lounge Club is the oldest swingers club in Cape Town. Consider this club the original. The club is located in Table View. Admission rates are reasonable.

EPICURE Adult Club

EPICURE is the newer club, hosting the first event in 2019. EPICURE is a converted boutique hotel, which allows a swinger to play and stay overnight in one of five elegant suites.

The two clubs are very different in philosophy, costs, location and therefore demographics. "Pick your poison" as they say.

More Information

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