Playmate SA Swingers

SA Swingers

SA swingers are welcome at EPICURE. Join one of our events and find a swingers playmate at EPICURE, the most luxurious swingers club in Cape Town.

A Swinger has a choice of clubs in Johannesburg and Pretoria. In Cape Town, this is not the case. Cape Town only offers two clubs as of the moment this is written:

  • Liza's Lounge is the older, more established club
  • EPICURE is the newcomer, with many foreign ideas and concepts


Horses for courses, as they say. Or "pick your poison". Objectively, EPICURE is the more upmarket, luxurious and costly swingers club of the two. We are pleased that Cape Town offers you a choice of alternative lifestyle clubs.

Swingers Parties

EPICURE hosts regular Swingers Parties in Cape Town, which are announced in our Blog, on Howler, at and on

EPICURE is not a chat room. We are an adult playground, a South African alternative lifestyle club which you can visit and enjoy. Meet swinging couples, like minded individuals and socialize. If the chemistry is right, play with couples and singles in a classy environment. EPICURE provides a luxurious safe space for consenting adults in South Africa.

Our parties usually allow play in public spaces like the lounge, the heated salt water pool, the garden and five luxurious hotel suites.


If you would like more information about alternative lifestyle clubs Cape Town, please contact us.