Discreet adult entertainment in Cape Town

Adult Entertainment With Discreetness And Confidentiality Are A Given

The concept of the EPICURE Club was developed for the few who want to party without limits, yet must stay out of the tabloids. If your relationship status is not single, if you are in politics, if you are in the judiciary branch, or a VIP then EPICURE was developed for you.

If you require absolute confidentiality, a niche Private Club like EPICURE is your only adult entertainment option.

Size Matters

We are certain this headline will make you smile, given the context, but the simple reality is that the bigger the entertainment venue, the more difficult it becomes to ensure discreetness. A big, successful club implies many people - the exact opposite of what you want if you require privacy and confidentiality.

EPICURE is a small, niche venue. The club allows Members and Guests to hire the venue for exclusive use for their private event or party.


EPICURE is located in a quiet Cape Town suburb, in a gated residential community. No only are we far from the crime encountered in some areas of the Cape Town CBD (city center), but we are far from prying eyes, photographers and paparazzi.

Dedicated Security

EPICURE has their own Security Detail comprised of licensed and armed Bodyguards. The protection of our valued Patrons and Companions is paramount. Unlike hiring an external security company, the safety and wellbeing of our Patrons and Companions provides job security for our team.

No-Photo Policy

This Security Detail also strictly enforces the No-Photo Policy at EPICURE. Our organization does not publish pictures of our guests on social media like Facebook or Instagram. You also do not find pictures of our Companions on our website, Facebook or Instagram accounts. Like our Clients, our Companions demand and receive absolute discreetness and confidentiality.

Patrons and Companions may expect "What happens at EPICURE, to stay at EPICURE"

If you have questions, please contact us using our contact form or send us an email to fun@epicure.co.za